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Commercial Cleaning Services Buffalo NY

First impressions are extremely important. While customers are waiting in your office lobby, they will notice the cleanliness of your chair upholstery, carpets, and tile & grout floors. WNY Carpet Pro offers comprehensive commercial cleaning services in Buffalo NY, tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses and commercial establishments. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and inviting environment for your employees, customers, and guests. Our professional cleaning services are designed to enhance the cleanliness, hygiene, and appearance of your commercial space.

WNY Carpet Pro recommends a professional cleaning service every 3 months in order to keep up with the high-traffic and soil to keep your business looking its very best. We offer competitive commercial cleaning rates to suit every business. Our deep cleaning service is sure to give your office a great first impression! Call us at 716-288-6390 to get a quote!

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Commercial office carpets soil very quickly with the high amount of foot traffic that they receive from countless customers tracking dirt in from outside. Everyday food and drink spills, ink stains, and dirt buildup make the carpet look dingy, old, and dirty. We recommend quarterly carpet cleaning services to maintain the heavy soil buildup and keep your office looking and smelling clean.

Our commercial carpet cleaning service includes:

  • Pre-conditioning of carpet
  • Unlimited spot and stain treatments
  • CRB agitation to release soil and stains
  • Microban sanitizer to kill germs, dust mites, and allergens
  • Enzyme Deodorizer to neutralize odors
  • 240 Degree steam cleaning and extraction by a certifed Technician with professional, truck mounted equipment

Tile and Grout floors are unsightly when dirty. The grease, oils, and dirt get trapped in the grout lines and face of the tile. WNY Carpet Pro’s deep Restoration cleaning process targets the heavy dirt and grime buildup, restoring it to new. 

Our Commercial tile & grout cleaning process includes:

  • Restoration pre-treatment applied to each and every grout line and tile
  • Gentle scrubbing and CRB agitation to release soil
  • Microban sanitizer to eliminate germs
  • Deep 240 degree steam cleaning with rotary tile and grout floor steamer
  • Clear water rinse
  • Hot water extraction to bring the tile and grout back to new condition
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Invisible Allergens and Contaminants

Countless customers sit in your lobby chairs, restaurant booths, and waiting room areas. Soil, debris, and body oils buildup on your furniture, giving your upholstery a dirty, dingy look and unpleasant odor. Our cleaning includes:

  • Inspection of fabric material to determine the best cleaning method
  • Microban sanitizer to eliminate germs, dust mites, and allergens
  • Unlimited spot and stain treatments
  • Stain agitation to loosen soil
  • Deep 240 degree steam cleaning and extraction
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