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“The most important thing to do is vacuum as often as possible, at least twice a week. This will prevent dry soil from really wearing down your carpet prematurely. Use clean walk off mats at all entry’s. Keep your area rugs and hard surfaces clean as they can be a source of dirt for your clean carpet. Try to not wear shoes, especially outdoor footwear on the carpet as this brings in all the contaminants from outside like asphalt sealant, oils, dirt and bacteria, etc.. Wear white socks or go bare feet instead. If you must clean a spot use as little spotter as possible applied to a white terry cloth towel(not directly to the carpet) then slowly work from outside in on your stain. Once gone, dampen clean area on towel with warm water and try to wipe (rinse) the spotter out of the spotted area to rid the carpet of residue so not to attract dirt a short time later. Stay off spotted area till dry.

Never try to clean your carpets with plug in the wall store bought or rented portable equipment. These machines are very weak and leave so much cleaning residue that your carpets will be dirtier in a few weeks then what you started with. Also the cannot dry carpets properly so that also is very damaging for your carpets. The worst carpets we see are do it yourself and dry cleaned carpets as both leave a lot of residue which attract dirt extremely fast. Call us for our carpet cleaning services every 6-12 months and apply our Green Sealed Approved protector to your high used areas and your wonderful investment will last a very long time. Thanks for stopping by and check back periodically for new helpful and handy tips.


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“This is a common question we get from our clients after their tile and stone floors have been restored by our service. We recommend to thoroughly vacuum hard surfaces often and before mopping for sure. Try not to use cleaners that would leave a residue on floors because they accelerate the re-soiling process dramatically. Instead, we recommend just hot mopping or use a steam mop of any sort instead. These leave no residue and clean the surface well. As a added bonus they also wont break down the seal we may have applied as do harsh cleaning chemicals. Please never use bleach or harsh chemicals as they will strip the sealers and badly wear down and pit your grout. Call us for our tile and grout cleaning services and to re-seal your Tile/Stone and grout every 2 years or so for a long lasting, beautiful hard surface for many years to come. Thanks for stopping by. I will be posting helpful tips from time to time so be sure to check back.

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